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Hello, I’m Elaine.

I am a coach, a teacher, a follower of breadcrumbs, a believer of possibilities.

I’ve been helping people reclaim their time for nearly 20 years. I started out as a professional organizer, helping high-powered people declutter their lives. I taught MBA students to prepare for the demands of work and an intense academic program.

I realized I was doing more than helping them manage priorities. I was changing their lives. I shared what I knew on my TV show, Simply Zen, and through a weekly newspaper column.

I use the left and right sides of my brain equally. I love process, technical details. I also adore creativity, personal expression and art. I bring my experience and my intuition to my work.

I am honoured to work with you. It’s a sacred experience, to be invited into your life, to help you build the business and life of your dreams.

How I Reclaim MY Time

I know what feeds my soul. Being with my family. Walking in nature (ask me about #forestbathing). Reading great books that leave me asking for more. Connecting with people in real conversations. Exploring new places, near and far. Having a midday meditation (nap) and chopping vegetables for a pot of soup. I always have soup!

And, of course, helping people reclaim their time for what matters most to them.

I cap each year with an audit. A day of reflection. I look at my photos and my calendar, and ask myself:

  • What did I love?
  • What didn’t I love?
  • What’s missing?
  • Am I doing what’s important for me?

I make adjustments. I can, because I have white space in my calendar.

That’s where inspiration and creativity come from. That’s where true joy resides. So many people don’t have that. I want to give them that connection to spirit, to love, to joy. To their purpose.

Follow me on my social media links below and share in my full and loving life.

xo Elaine