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Here we grow again.

On January 27 Dana Lloyd  and I launched Soul Sister Conversations – The Podcast .

This has been a whirlwind of a month and today we dropped (yes I am using the podcast lingo already) our 5th episode.

This soul sister and I have so much in common, the most interesting being we are both in a 1 Year , a year of new beginnings.

Many of the articles on a 1 year talk about independence and finding strenth from within. I agree, our power does come from within.

However…and this is a big one. Being self employed can be a lonely journey and I can honestly say being in the car alone heading to record a podcast would be, well, boring would be my first thought.

Dana said it so well when she first mentioned the podcast, she said, “sure I could do this alone, but how much fun would that be“. We are stronger together and I think we have moved pretty fast through the first month with all of the growing pains to learn how to use this technology to share what we have to say.

Soul Sister Conversations

I am excited to introduce Trisha Perry Co-Founder of Resonance Inc. in Saint John, New Brunswick. If you have ever felt unfulfilled at work, listen to this episode as Trisha warmly shares her journey of self discovery. This podcast is loaded with lessons:

10:50 min – We talk about having the feeling that failure is not an option.

37:00 min – We talk about working hard, but never actually figuring out what would bring you joy.

48:00 min – We talk about wisdom being a teacher, but a painful one.

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