Welcome to Soul Sister Conversations where Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon inspire and empower you to connect more soul-fully to yourself. They talk leadership, passion, meaning, joy, fulfillment and other topics that encourage you to live well and create meaning in your life.

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  • EP 25: Developing Your Spiritual Intuition with Spirit Medium Cindy O'Donnell
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with spirit medium Cindy O’Donnell about her gift of mediumship. She teaches us how to tune into our intuition, how to communicate with loved ones who have passed on and how to release beliefs. She recalls the specific accident where she… Read more »
  • EP 24: The Time Is Now with Sister Joan Chittister
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon speak with Sister Joan Chittister about her most recent book The Time Is Now: A Call To Uncommon Courage. She makes a passionate appeal to be an everyday prophet. She reminds us that staying quiet creates a false… Read more »
  • EP 23: Laughing and Loving Life with James Mullinger
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with James Mullinger about his life in comedy. He shares openly his difficulties as a child and what made him want to be a Stand Up Comedian. He sheds insight on his mindset to be in this business as well as… Read more »
  • EP 22: Ultimate Summer Staycation: Going Within
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, the soul sisters talk all things Summer. We talk about the summer of intention, growing in spirit and we are excited to introduce you to our Summer Soul Series lineup. Of course, the soul sisters talk about signs of grace: hearts & roses,… Read more »
  • EP 21: Designing Your Life on Purpose with Nathalie Godbout
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we chat with Nathalie Godbout, lawyer and co-founder of a boutique law firm called Godbout Fawcett in Saint John, NB. She talks to us about designing a life on purpose. She shares very openly the turning point in her life where she attended… Read more »
  • EP 20: Finding Your Voice
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we are talking about finding your voice. We discover your voice IS your life. What message do you want to share with the world? Read more »
  • EP 19: Making A Contribution with Jim Kokocki
    In this Episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon speak with Jim Kokocki a business consultant and dedicated volunteer who lives in Saint John, NB. Jim has a great discussion with the Soul Sisters about what he has learned from his 30 year participation as a Toastmaster,… Read more »
  • EP: 18 Figuring Life Out , Never underestimate the small things you have done in life.
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana& Elaine talk about the practical and spiritual side of figuring life out. They discuss how every experience leads you somewhere. Nothing is ever wasted. Read more »
  • EP: 17 Leading with Vulnerability, Authenticity & Courage with Don Darling
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we talk with Don Darling, mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick. This isn’t an episode about politics. It is an episode about one person leading their life with vulnerability, authenticity and courage. As a guest, Don is very open and vulnerable sharing his… Read more »
  • EP: 16 Overcoming Perfection
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana and Elaine talk about perfection and they explore our early programming to be perfect and ways to overcome perfection. Dana and Elaine share their experiences of wrestling with perfection and why they call themselves recovering “perfectionists.” Read more »
  • EP 15: Be brave. Be You with Cathy Simpson, CEO of Tech Impact
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we chat with Tech Impact, CEO Cathy Simpson who is also the founder of Up& Go. Cathy is creating a girls movement that builds amazing core skills for life. Read more »
  • EP 14: The Power of Aging
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we celebrate Elaine's birthday. This celebration lead us to discuss the power of aging. We talk about clarity, accepting ourselves, building your own life and we leave you with an important question to ponder: Who Am I?  Read more »
  • Ep 13: Growing Yourself : Leadership Insight with Eric Lloyd
    A conversation about leadership with President of Sunny Corner Enterprises, Eric Lloyd. Eric has been a been a senior leader for close to twenty years. Although very experienced in creating business results, his true leadership journey began only in the past eight years. Eric shares his insight about the importance… Read more »
  • EP 12: Dial In Your Life, What do you want to do with your life!
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon talk about dialling in your life. They share personal stories of how they have come to realize life is short and they talk about how to encourage and love more.   Read more »
  • EP 11: Building Confidence & the Power of Being Yourself with Lorraine Peters
    In this Episode, we speak to Lorraine Peters of NWH Modelling about building confidence and the power of being yourself. The conversation gets real with Lorraine's observations around the mother daughter relationship. Read more »
  • EP 10: Rebirth, Renew, Refresh by following Nature’s Lead
    In this epiosde of Soul Sister Conversations Dana and Elaine chat about spring and how this season inspires new life in nature and in our own life.   What do you want to give birth to in your life? Read more »
  • EP 9: Leading with Empathy with Matt George
    On this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we have a meaningful conversation with Matt George, a young community leader who believes in producing great work that generously serves the community. Matt George is the Founder of The Navi Group which ensures entrepreneurs, businesses and governments are able to navigate the intersection… Read more »
  • EP 8: Coincidences & Signs of Grace
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we talk about signs of grace. If you have ever wondered if these are more than just coincidences, this show is for you. Read more »
  • EP 7: Millennia Tea CEO Tracy Bell shares her unexpected journey to entrepreneurship
    In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we are chatting with Startup CEO Tracy Bell of Millennia Tea. She shares her unexpected journey to becoming an entrepreneur, how she keeps everything in perspective including mindfulness and what she has learned about leadership as a new CEO. To find out more… Read more »
  • EP 6: Word Themes vs. Resolutions
    In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations Dana and Elaine are having a conversation about the importance of word themes and how they can bring focus to your life.  :46 Dana shares a story of how she found a video from 2012 while doing a search on herself on google.… Read more »
  • EP 5: Self Discovery - Trisha Perry's journey to finding inner peace
    In conversation with Trisha Perry about her journey of self-discovery shifting from lawyer to entrepreneur which led her to finding peace within herself. She co-founded a company called Resonance Inc. that allows her to be who she truly is. Read more »
  • EP 4: Reclaim Time with Elaine Shannon
    In this episode, Dana and Elaine talk about reclaiming time. Dana Lloyd interviews Elaine Shannon about her relationship with time and what she has learned from helping others. Elaine says people don’t have a time problem, they have a focus problem. Read more »
  • EP 3: Finding Joy with Dana Lloyd
    In this episode, Elaine Shannon interviews Dana Lloyd about her book Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning, & Fulfillment. Dana & Elaine explore the Inner Critic, the importance of developing an Inner Coach and finding joy. Listen too as they share a beautiful story of a Rose found… Read more »
  • EP 2: Life Happens For You, Not To You
    In this Episode Dana & Elaine explore the soul lesson “Life happens for you, not to you.” Read more »
  • EP 1: Introduction to Soul Sisters Dana Lloyd & Elaine Shannon
    This episode you get introduced to Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon, the co-hosts of Soul Sister Conversations. Dana and Elaine talk about who they are, how they met and why they started this soulful podcast. Read more »
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