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Shannon Multimedia Productions

A passionate blend of creativity, energy, and enthusiasm for your next production.

Vancouver, 2019 (with Michael-Ann Rowe, Put your Best Fish Forward)

Elaine is ready to show your team what this package looks like, and how it can help make your next film or television project shine. If this is what you’re on the hunt for, it’s exactly what you’ll get with her on your team. She’s a raving fan of people who see problems as opportunities – opportunities to make those challenges bloom into something bigger and better than your team could have ever imagined. Shannon Multimedia Productions launched officially in 2014, after over a decade of experience in content creation for web, television and film projects with New Broadcast Media. A formula for making things happen and sharing it with the world. Ingredient 1: Organization and Planning Elaine brings and holds tightly together every element required to create engaging, informative and entertaining content for film and TV. She’s a tenured time and project management pro, so the creative process isn’t hindered, but can flow freely while honouring all the time commitments, budget needs and individual partners on the team.  Ingredient 2: Connections and Collaboration  These two C’s are the key elements to building successful content for film and TV. With a social media presence spanning the globe and connections on every continent of the planet, Elaine connects with people naturally, and authentically, and it is people, after all, who make it all happen. From speaking and training sessions in Johannesburg South Africa to travel show content filming in Sedona, Arizona…content is both created and consumed worldwide, in-person and virtually. Borders are never a creative stop sign for Elaine.

Elaine Shannon Multimedia

Communication comes in many forms.
Elaine’s credentials have been built via many forms of media.

Hampton, 2015 (Filming Owl River Runners)


  • Connector – A love of people and their stories.
    Over 1,500 connections globally on Linkedin and 5,600 Twitter Followers.

  • Vlogger – A love of the camera.
    Video Blogger on YouTube & Vimeo since 2006, with 219 subscribers and over 95,000 views.

  • Radio Guest – A love of talk.
    A frequent guest on CBC radio, both Nationally and Locally.

  • Speaker – A love of sharing knowledge.
    Elaine has had the opportunity to speak to audiences from Johannesburg, South Africa to Vancouver, British Columbia and many points on the map in between. She’s well-versed in a variety of business and time management-related topics. 


Hampton, 2015 (Filming Owl River Runners)


    • 2004: Produced and hosted her very first videos for YouTube. For example, 3 Steps to an Organized Kitchen
    • 2005-2006: Produced and hosted a series of Home Organizing videos for Rogers TV.
    • 2008: Co-producer and writer for an award-winning series of home organizing videos.
    • 2011: Produced, directed and hosted 6 Live Ustream streaming shows. 
    • 2012-2016: Producer, writer, director and host (83 Episodes) of Simply Zen, a biweekly wellness show to inform and inspire with concrete ways of improving physical, mental and spiritual well being. Featured on
    • 2014: Producer for the Feature Film, The Divorce
    • 2015: Producer for the Feature Film, Owl River Runners 
    • 2016-Present: Producer and Director for various commercial film and television projects
    • 2018-2019: NB Production support for CBC’s The Oland Murder