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Reclaim Time with Rotarians

Sharing my Take on Time Management

One of the things I did with my Reclaimed Time was to join the gym. On a wintery February morning after visiting my Doctor and reviewing my recent blood work I knew I needed to do something…anything, to improve the numbers that were telling a story that I did not like. It isn’t the first time I have joined a gym, usually in January and I jokingly say after not going that I hope they enjoyed my donation.

Am I alone or have you done this too????


Its Monday and I was being ambitious and booked a session with the Owner/Trainer before my presentation. I thought it would be awesome to get me revved up for the audience. OMG…not sure if it was Monday Brain or what but I could not maneuver my brain and my body into the same direction. I mentioned to Tony that I was speaking at a lunch meeting and I had better get my ass in gear or all would be lost. He asked what I was talking about at the luncheon and I excitedly told him about the messages I share with people on how to Reclaim Time for What Matters.

He then said that I am reclaiming time twice by taking care of my health….mic drop!!!!!!


I made space in my calendar for me and that is a whole lot of Reclaiming Time for this Momma who has spent so energy on my family and…by taking care of me now I am going to enjoy a healthier and perhaps longer life!!! I know so many !!! but this is all really big life changing stuff and I am super excited.

What would you do for you with a bit of Reclaimed Time?