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Soul Sister Conversations – The Podcast

Someone (one of my highly intuitive friends) said to me two years that I would have a podcast, my answer was ‘Not Yet”!!!

Well thanks to my amazing Soul Sister Conversations co-host Dana Lloyd and her mad tech skills we have a podcast and you can listen now on your favourite podcast platform. (Apple, Google, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, PocketCasts, Podbean, Stitcher)

Dana and Elaine , the beginning It all started on December 21st when we went to the Reversing Falls restaurant for a little holiday luncheon. She was telling me about this super duper microphone she had (got it about two years ago for Christmas) and how it had been sitting in a box collecting dust and she felt like she wanted to break that thing free and give it go.

She wanted to start a Podcast…and she wanted to collaborate (collaboration is her 2019 Theme word) with someone and her thinking was, “Together you can go further”.

I thought about it for ummmm 2 seconds and said what the hell…lets do it!!!

So here we are, a couple of years after I was gifted a message and she was gifted a microphone and we are…

PODCASTING!!!!! (said like Oprah with her excited voice) yep, sorry not sorry for the earworm.

It is important that I mention Oprah. She is our Muse. We both have said over the last year that we miss her. I spent 25 years with her as my daily inspiration. Oprah was part of the fabric of my life for many years and I love a good conversation.

Dana and I have great conversations, all the time, about the stuff of life and launching this podcast with our conversations feels so right. So here we are with a microphone, lending our thoughts and beliefs and what we have learned about life with our audience in our Soul Sister Conversations

I hope you will take some time today with a hot beverage and a cosy blanket, put your feet up and listen in to our Soulful Conversations.

PS…for good luck we wore the same outfits from our luncheon to the first recording!



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