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Written by Robert Parsons of Let Em Laugh Productions

Creativity is a curse and a blessing. For the writer it’s easy to sit down and write a story and tell your friends, there, let’s take these words and tell a story. Let’s
make a movie!

From the day the team says it’s a go, it’s a race to the finish line. As the writer & director of the Divorce my job is to keep everyone honest to the script and be sure the performances I saw in my minds eye when I penned the lines are delivered.

But that’s not the hardest job. No, the hardest job would belong to Elaine Shannon, our producer. After meeting Elaine over two years ago over a coffee and falling in love with her energy, passion and flat out insanity, we asked her if she would be willing to produce The Divorce. By the mercy of God she said yes. All I want to do is write and capture the story. All Elaine wants to do is make sure it happens. From scheduling actors and crew, finding locations, securing music, to all the questions in between it has been Elaine’s job to make my job easier.

With a smile, a plan, and an all or nothing attitude that is complimented only by her passion to see the world smile, she not only made my job easier, she made everyone else’s job easier as well.

The Divorce would not be the film it is if it wasn’t for Elaine’s involvement. This was our first official project together, but I can tell you here and now that moving forward, I want Elaine involved in every project I do in the future.

Passion is infectious; one meeting with Elaine and her passion will bring out your creativity and drive you to do better. As a writer and director who feeds off of positive energy, let me tell you now the world could use a few more Elaine’s.

Thank you Elaine, Namaste.

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