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Crimson SkyThe years of mothering, nesting and care giving are slipping into the past chapters of the book of Elaine. As I turn the pages these days I am meeting a new person. She is familiar…cousin familiar.

She is interesting and complex yet simple at the same time.

Think of a sunset and sunrise happening at the same time with two suns meeting in the middle of a crimson sky…one ending and one beginning.

How is it that this can happen to a person? Life is complicated enough without all these changes.

How will people react to this Elaine?

This Elaine wants to be free, to travel, sleep in late, stay up into the wee hours of the morning,…indulging in her own interests and desires. Without passing every action and thought through the filter of how will ‘others’ manage this shift.

But Elaine is more engaged in the forward momentum of the journey than the trappings that keep her bound to everyone around her.

Travel, film, TV, food, exploring nature, photography, reading, connecting the dots in life, creativity, pinning-tweeting-posting!

Deep, wide engaging conversations.

Watching sunsets in awe.

Seeing the people I love finding their own magical path to follow.

Breaking free of the shackles of life…cue Forest Gump running down a long dirt road, braces falling away.

Free…travelling free into a path of lightness and love and smiles and laughter.

Experiencing, feeling, being overcome with the joy of life.

Our writing lesson was to write for 10 minutes, the subject was ‘whatever is on your mind right now’. This was on my mind. Edited from its original version.