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You can’t manage Time!

When I shifted the title of my signature workshop from Time Management to Priority Management I had more than a few raised eyebrows.

I mean who was I to go against the flow of the over 60000 titled Time Management resources on!  WOW…if there are this many resources to help people manage time better you would think that people would be happily going along through life with more than enough time to “Get Things done”.

Well people aren’t getting things done and they aren’t happy! 

Every day there are more resources, and, you can get on waiting lists for the upcoming latest greatest solution to your time troubles.


You can’t manage time…period. That was me making a point. Despite thousands of books and blogs to the contrary, it can’t be done. Time is intangible. Time is limited. You have 168 hours every week. So does your co-worker, your best friend, your Grandma and yes even Richard Branson and Oprah. Think about the people that you admire, your unofficial mentors. Yep, they all have the same 168 hours every week to live their best life.

So how are they deciding how to use/spend their valuable time?

Is there a secret that some people know and others don’t?

I think there IS a big secret and I am going to share what I think it is.

Priorities…it is all about what YOU value. If you don’t decide how to spend your time, everyone around you will.

There is a values exercise that I do in all of my Priority Management workshops. The first time I did this exercise the room was so quiet, I was uncomfortable, I thought I did or said something wrong. You see I am used to entertaining people and laughing participants are all good. Quiet contemplative participants scare the crap out of me.

What I learned that day is THE SECRET!!!!

Priority Management puts you in the driver seat of your life. You decide what works for you. Your values become the filter that everything flows through and if the request for your time makes it through the values filter then it is worthy of your precious time.

Most of the audience that day had never done a values exercise and their silence was the result of some epic ahas. They were gobsmacked…I was gobsmacked, we all had a moment of clarity and it was beautiful.

So many people have been through my workshop and they are living life. Their life, not someone else’s version of their life. I am living my life through a whole new filter because of this, a filter that means I am living my life on purpose, my purpose. It is a game changer and I am loving that I get to share this life-changing secret.

If you are interested in learning about the Priority Management workshop, coaching or more about me head over to my About page and while you are there please get a FREE copy of my ebook.

PS: If you head to my LinkedIn profile you can read stories(recommendations) from past participants.

Here is what Erinor Jacob-Levine had to say about Priority Management:

Elaine provided a one-hour seminar to a group of women I was involved with. Her presentation on priority management changed my life. It helped me reassess what was really important to me. This was one of the factors that led me to change my job and career path”. 

Have a great day, go and be awesome xo Elaine