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Are you OK?

I have been asked this question more than once in the past few months.

It is a valid question considering these factors;

  • I am LIVING large these days – a sure sign that something is amiss
  • My skin looks like it did when I was in the grips of puberty – when we are unwell our skin can’t hide it
  • My social calendar is quite open  – when people are not jet setting it must mean something

Just because you are a wellness enthusiast and host of a TV show about Wellness does not automatically mean that you are the epitome of health and wellness.

It can actually be quite stressful and can lead to some interesting behaviors (self sabotauging ones)

Getting Quiet and Listening

This February I launched an indiegogo campaign  to share a project that is bigger than me, however before I started this BIG project I felt like I needed to get quiet and listen to see if…

  • a) I am in a place to be able to deliver on such a project
  • b) this project is worthwhile
  • c)  it is the right time for this project


This is what I am learning

If your body is hurting, pay attention and investigate

If you feel like you are in a fog, pay attention and investigate

If you feel like curling up under the blankets for days on end, pay attention and investigate

What does investigate mean?

Investigating can happen many ways.


Toxic Load and our health and well be-ing

By getting quiet and paying attention I found out a few things that have helped me

Some people work in banks, some people teach, some people build things.

How you do it matters as much as what you do.



Yesterday someone told me I was fortunate

Audentes fortuna iuuatFortes fortuna adiuuatFortuna audaces iuua and Fortes fortuna iuuat and,  Forest Fortuna Adiuvat

A Latin Proverb Which means

Fortune favours the boldFortune favours the braveFortune helps the brave, and Fortune favours the strong

Yes I am fortunate…and also bold, brave and strong!